OAKnet Onderwijs Advies Kwaliteit means: OAKnet Education Advice Quality. It provides advice and support in realizing high quality (higher) education. OAKnet does so for people and organizations developing themselves, whether they are students, staff or managers.

After her university studies in educational sciences Johanneke Braaksma has been active as a researcher in comparative education, as a reference librarian in a university library and as educational adviser. Since 2000 she contributes to a variety of projects regarding curriculum development, educational innovation, testing and assessment, and quality assurance. She also regularly participates in (inter)national audit teams.

Questions raised and possibilities for coping with them, are explored in close cooperation with her customers. Their feedback includes appreciation of her dedicated, clear, pragmatic, cooperative and purposeful approach.




OAKnet Onderwijs Advies Kwaliteit    J.Braaksma@oaknet.nl